Rumors and Speculations for Next-Gen Xbox

During the E3 event Phil Spencer, head of Xbox recently hinted that the next-generation of Xbox console is under development and fans are quite hyped for the new addition to the Xbox console family.

Microsoft has not disclosed any specific information for the underdevelopment console since Phil has hinted about it in the E3. Still, as the current consoles are approaching its fate, players are speculating what new feature would upcoming Xbox offer.

Although there are no said details for the future consoles, still fans and community members are coming up with their theories and speculations for the new console. It is yet not confirmed that any of the mentioned theories are, but still, it is quite interesting to analyze them.

The new Xbox is expected to have multiple models with their specific roles. Many believe there will be at least two different models for the upcoming Xbox. One would be dedicated entirely towards streaming, and it will be a bit cheaper.

And the second model will be a complete gaming console with standard features. And possibly the third model would be a high-end gaming machine somewhat similar to the Xbox One X.

 Microsoft is currently utilizing three code names for their ongoing console development project, namely Lockhart, Anaconda and Scarlet. Which give us a little clarity that it is entirely possible to witness three different models for Microsoft’s next-generation consoles.

An unnamed source from Microsoft has claimed that new Xbox consoles are expected to release in 2020, as Xbox One will turn seven years old in 2020. It is considered an optimal time to launch a new console in 2020. Still, eager fans don’t have to panic to have first look at the Xbox in 2020.

Surely fans will possibly get original images and concept art for the console in 2019. A marketing campaign would perhaps initiate from 2019 itself, to create hype amongst the gaming community.

 Another possible feature of new consoles would be the inclusion of Project xCloud which is somewhat a Netflix for gamers.

Many gaming experts believe that the feature of gaming lies in open platforms and Microsoft is already working on such a platform namely Project xCloud which would act as a hub for gamers to access any game on a single platform.

Project xCloud will provide any device gamer with ease of streaming. This includes devices like PC, Mobiles, and Xbox. The most exciting gaming trend currently is the VR games, and most likely the new Xbox would undoubtedly feature VR gaming for gamers to experience gaming in real life by interacting with the game in real life scenarios.

Although the team of developers is quite efficient in delivering the best quality products, let’s see how would new Xbox consoles prove to be next-gen consoles and what more would it include for players to enjoy.

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