Resident Evil 2 Remake: Tips and Tricks to Win the Game

After waiting some years finally, Capcom has launched the remake of Resident Evil 2. The game is the remake of Resident Evil launched in 1998 for PlayStations. The game and its horrifying tone give you a real and pure horror experience. The reimaging of original classic horror game is now for Xbox One, Windows and PlayStation 4.

Resident Evil 2 remake gaming tips:

1: Use the Game Map

A map of Resident Evil is one of the most useful parts of the game. Resident Evil 2 map is color coded that tells much about the area. Color code signifies that the area still has resources or the resources that you missed. The blue color area indicates that you’ve picked all the resources from there. If you’ve left any resource in the room you’ve already visited, then map shows it in red color. The map also enlightens the essential points, lock types/principal emblems/puzzle objects and much more.

2: Use the Quick turn

The quick-turn feature of the Resident Evil 2 remake is very useful for maneuvering returns. It is also helpful in the situation when you need to turn back very fast. Quick turn let your player turn around 180 degrees quickly. To perform this maneuver return press ‘back + Circle/B.’ This will also work when you’re aiming.

3: For Guns and parts

When you explore the Raccoon city, you’ll find the parts by which you can upgrade your firearm. Collecting parts are useful, but some of them increase the number of space into the inventory. If you want to remove any part from your gun then highlight the item you want to remove and select ‘Remove parts.’

One more, if you found ammo for your gun, don’t install it immediately. First, try to finish the current clip then install the item this will not only reload your ammo but also offer some extra rounds. Also, don’t waste your valuable resources unnecessary.

 4: Utilize the Wooden Boards

In new Resident Evil 2, wooden boards are handy to use. You can use the wooden boards to blockade windows and stop zombies from entering into the building. If there is not enough wooden board to block every place, then use them to block the most troubling place.

5: Use Sub-Weapons

Sub-weapons such as knives and grenades are fantastic weapons. You can also use them to protect you from any dangerous situation. Press the R1 or RB while grabbing to use them. It’s good to use a grenade on a group of zombie instead of using at one.

You also get a flash grenade in the game, use them to blind the zombies to bypass easily. The flash grenade also works on Mr. X but be careful while using on him.

6: Use a Knife check

Only a few headshot zombies will drop down over the ground, but the silenced music does not confirm that the zombie is dead. Knifing the fallen zombie to verify whether they are acting or really dead.

7: Run

Obviously, it feels good killing all the horrible creatures coming in your path but don’t forget to check your resource. Be smart according to the situation when to fight with the zombie and when to run away.

8: Walk slowly around the Lickers

Lickers are the grotesque creatures in Resident Evil 2. Lickers only act when they hear a loud noise. So, take caution by moving slowly and silently while passing around the lickers. If you found a licker in a cramped way then how much you try to move slow or silent, you can’t escape this time you’ll have no option other than fight with them. Use the strategy of hit and run while fighting with the licker, especially when you have a shotgun.

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