How to Download Photos from Tweets on Computer

Although downloading images from Twitter is the most straightforward task. But, if any tweet has numerous pictures and from them you want to download one, then this simple task becomes tricky. If you’re on Mac and using Safari, then you can download it as usual. But on a Windows PC, you will not find the option to download the image. Don’t worry, now you do not have to be disappointed. You can download the image you want. You just need a good browser like Google Chrome. If you already have it, then let’s move forward.

How to download photos from Twitter on computer

If the tweet has a number of pictures, then you can’t get the download option (for this check the below guideline). If the tweet has only one picture, then with these steps you can download the image.

1.    Go to “”

2.    And, log in with your Twitter account credentials.

3.    Scroll through the post until you do not find a picture, you want to download.

4.    Click on the picture you want to download.

5.    Again click on the picture and maximize it.

6.    Now, right click on the ‘Picture.’

7.    Click on ‘Save Image As/Save as.’

8.    Select a location to down the picture, if prompt.

That’s it! The picture will download into the ‘Downloads’ or in the folder you’d selected to download.

How to download Gallery images from Twitter on computer

If you want to download a picture from a tweet having more than one images, then this trick is for you. Google Chrome or Safari is best to use with these steps.

In Google Chrome:

1.    Go to “”

2.    And, log in with your Twitter account credentials.

3.    Click on a picture you want to download from a tweet having multiple images.

4.    Right-click on the picture and select ‘Inspect Element.’

5.    Click on the ‘Searching or Magnifying’ icon.

6.    Click on the ‘Picture’ you want to download.

7.    Look for the image directory and click on its right arrow to expand the div.

8.    Find the URL of the image.

9.    Copy the image URL.

10.    Open a new tab and search for the URL.

11.    And save the picture.

 In Safari:

1.    Right click on an image, you want to download.

2.    And click on ‘Download Image.’

That’s it!

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