8 Best Free iPad Apps For Toddlers

Majority of the toddler apps come in paid versions. If you are looking for free apps for your toddler, then read on. In this blog, we present to you, a carefully curated list of the best apps available for free for your toddlers.

Top 8 iPad applications for toddlers

Generally, toddlers start looking at the ‘screens’ from their age of 2 onwards so they should be allowed iPad time for one or maximum two hours. There should always be a set limit for the screen timing for the people of small age-group.

1.    YouTube Kids

This application offers accounts that are suitable for the children according to their age. And it is such a simple application that children doesn’t face any problem while using it. So it will not be wrong to call it a kids friendly application. It is available completely free of cost.

2.    Laugh & Learn

It has a lot of colors and has tunes that are catchy enough for the users that they also start singing. This application helps in building educational interest among its users. For instance, it helps in playfully identifying the shapes by the kids. It is also available free of cost.

3.    PBS Kids

It consists of the characters that are similar to PBS characters. Children can select the videos by themselves. But people face some problems because this application doesn’t include a search box and has advertisements on it as well.

4.    Storybook Rhymes Volumes 1

The kids who are visually impaired can use this application. This application lot of fun-loving tuning and music. It has in total two modes such as ‘Sing to me’ and ‘Read and Play.’ Though it has been suggested to be used by the age-group of 4 or more, it is only for younger kids or toddlers.

5.    Wheels on the Bus Musical

It has 12 games in total, and all of them are enjoyable enough for playing. It consists of puzzles, coloring book and a lot much other stuff for kids.

6.     Peekaboo Barn Lite

It has in total of two versions. The one is the lite version, and the other is the upgraded version of it. The former is available free of cost, and for accessing the latter, the payment has to be done.

7.     Fish School

This is recommended for learning as this application pays attention to imparting knowledge related to the alphabet, numbers, and shapes, etc.

8.     Scribbaloo Paint

Earlier it was available in paid version only, but now it has also been introduced in free version because of the high demand of it. This is a fun app that your toddler will love.

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