Affiliate Marketing Compliance Pages

Probably affiliate compliance page is the most boring topic of the entire affiliation.
And that is coming up with your compliance pages that are required on every website and this is something that nobody ever wants to talk about this is the flossing of affiliate marketing.

Why do we need affiliate compliance pages in the first place?

  1. We want to get our ads approved when we decide to run ads
  2. We want to build trust with our customers that are on our website or on any of our landing pages
  3. Avoid getting shut down and banned from affiliate programs if we have these pages on our website it just brings our professionalism up a little bit more and brings us a little bit further away from the spammers and scammers of the industry.

There are really only three pages that you need

The first one is a privacy policy

Now, this is required by law for any business that's operating online regardless of country and this page tells your customer what info you're going to be collecting, what you're using it for, and whether or not you share it with anybody.
This is unique to your business, do not rip this off from somebody else, do not copy your privacy policy from somebody else's business, this is something that needs to be unique about your business. You can use free policy generators where you can go and make one unique.

The next compliance page you need is an affiliate disclosure

This is required if you're going to be doing affiliate marketing of any kind. People need to know that you're getting compensated when they click your link. Now, this doesn't have to be a fancy page, it just has to say something pretty much to the effect that you'll receive compensation if they choose to purchase, but you also need to tell them that it doesn't affect the price they pay.
They're going to pay the same price for the product, whether you're getting a commission or not. Keep it simple, write it in your own voice.

The last page that we're going to create is a contact info page

Again this is something that just gives you that extra level of legitimacy and brands are more willing to work with you if they know how to get in contact with you.

  • Contacts are required for Facebook and GoogleAds
  • Build trust and legitimacy in your business and at the very minimum, you don't have to put your phone number or an email address
  • Helps if you include an email address, again this just makes it easier for people to contact you.