10 branding mistakes by Philip VanDusen – Part2

The sixth mistake that companies make all the time is all based on this quote “Wow boss that's a great idea!”

I see this all the time too an ominous company has some sort of brain fart or idea and they think it's absolutely genius and then they go and ask their employees about what they think of it and of course, the employees say “Yeah, boss, that's great that's genius” because after all, they're the boss, right.

So the boss thinks “Hey, my employees think it's genius too!” and they go off and they do that thing and it flops.

Why? Because they didn't take the customer consumer or the user into consideration.

You really have to do research. Research is critical to find out the truth before you invest too much. Testing is cheaper than making big mistakes like that, it's cheaper than it's ever been in fact - doing quantitative and qualitative research, but takes time, but slowing down sometimes is what really makes a successful launch.

Number seven is copying the competition

You've heard the saying different is better than better, right?

Many businesses don't really understand their competition very well. There's a great book by W Chan Kim and Renee Morbone called “The blue ocean strategy” and in this book, they talk about how you can make the competition irrelevant by occupying a unique and underserved area of the market and so by understanding deeply your competition you can carve out a space where you have no competition or very little competition.

And then you need to articulate and tell your customers how you're different and why you will serve them better because of that differentiation.

The eighth mistake that companies make is that everyone in the company has a say

Steve Jobs had a very famous quote that said the iPhone wasn't developed in a focus group essentially the iPhone wasn't developed through some sort of group think of course you have to develop teams of people that handle the different divisional areas of a company but they shouldn't and can't be involved in every single step of the development of the company's.

True innovation doesn't come from group thinking

It comes from vision, it comes from taking risks, and it comes from leadership.

Steve Jobs also had a great quote “If you want to make everyone happy, don't be a leader, sell ice cream”. And really sure you got to gather opinions you have to take a temperature check what people think and what the crowd thinks but really when it comes down to it, you have to have leadership, you have to make an executive decision, to move forward.

The ninth mistake that companies make is them think “Hey, it worked in the past, why should we change?”

The business landscape is changing at light speed nothing stands still marketing methods, change platforms and techniques, change think about the introduction of TickTock, or Twitter spaces, or chat bots, or sms-marketing, or Instagram Reels - all of those things have really come into the marketing milieu in the last year or two.

What may have worked in the past, is not necessarily going to work for you in the future

Platforms change the advent of linkedin live. Hey, you can't even put links in IG posts anymore, you can't even select copy to copy and paste from IG posts - there are all sorts of functionality things in marketing that change constantly, so you always have to be re-looking at what you're doing and how you're doing it, to evaluate what's going to be successful right now.

The 10th mistake that companies make is they think branding is too expensive

Companies have to understand that branding is not an expense, branding is an investment. Dr Ralph speth who is the ceo of Jaguar one said “If you think good design is expensive, you should see the cost of bad design”.

In the global economy, good branding is available at every single price point. Price should not be a determinant of whether you get branding done or not.

Branding creates differentiation

It's the cement that holds everything together it's the bucket in which you build equity with your consumers.

Branding defines and codifies absolutely everything that a company does

And if you don't define it somebody else is going to define it for you and if you want that?